HR Fundamentals

HR as a strategic tool within Triodor

Human resources is the main asset of any knowledge-intensive organization. Triodor is no different in this respect. We are therefore strongly committed to our HR discipline. HR to us is more than a tool for labour market communication and the employability of our staff. HR also has a strategic value.

A competitive edge is never free. To be willing and able to run faster than the competition is an absolute must. It involves excelling on all fronts and of giving just that little bit extra, which makes an organization stand out from the crowd. Therefore, we expect not only basics such as knowledge and skills from our employees, but also motivation and commitment, as well as passion and perseverance. That is Triodor's DNA.

But innovation is not only important to us because of our customers. We want to provide an innovative workplace for our people where they are constantly challenged to create something new and unique. We aim to have an enjoyable and open environment for our employees. We want them to feel motivated, challenged and feel good at work. This is why we are transparent about what is happening in the company and also make time to relax and have fun together.

Triodor’s corporate culture is promoted by shared values and a common goal, through which the attitude and behaviour of our organisation determine the success of our company. Communicating these values with our employees and customers, creation of internal synergy, improving the quality by encouraging personal development are the main objectives of our HR strategy.