Empowering People

Care for personal and organizational development

As a company providing innovative technology solutions, we know that our people are the key to our success. We want them to know how their contribution is important and invaluable to us. We offer them a workplace with possibilities for growth, chances to move forward and build on their own careers.

Besides career, we approach personal development as a whole. We encourage our people to stay up to date with the latest technologies and new achievements in the industry, but also emphasise the importance of developing new talents, interests and awareness in life.

At Triodor, professional development is usually handled along with the performance evaluation process. In the regular performance assessments, a personal development roadmap is laid out by employees together with their managers. This plan addresses the actions to be taken, and if necessary, creates demand for support in various ways: internal and external trainings, coaching, graduate programs and internship programs.

Internal and External Training

In our business, improving technical skills continuously is a must. While self-development is playing the biggest role here, we also see different expertises within the company as an advantage to benefit from. Knowledge and experiences in different technologies are shared inside Triodor by internal trainings and project meetings. When needed, it is also common to acquire new knowledge from outside the organization by arranging external trainings according to technology advances and personal development plan demands.

We are constantly launching new projects and expanding current ones, which enables us to provide various possibilities for our people to stay motivated and feel challenged in their jobs steadily. They can take part in different projects with different businesses. They get the chance to travel abroad, working at customer site, and gain other skills like customer-oriented thinking, planning, effective communication in a different language and culture. These valuable experiences can be defined as “training at work” or “learning whilst working”.


Coaching is given to managers/promising manager candidates in order to train a qualified management group in the company. Managerial competencies such as technical and financial project management, budget and resource management, business analysis and development are being studied as well as skills such as leadership, decision-making, problem solving, effective superior-subordinate-customer relationships.

Graduate Education Support

We actively support our high performing, loyal employees with their graduate education upon their request. Alongside with increasing scientific research discipline, access to academical and laboratory resources for our R&D activities and more intensive university-industry cooperation are targeted at the graduate support programs.


Internship is still the best way to prepare young people or new graduates for professional life. Interns at Triodor experience it in every sense of the word, because we treat them as indifferent as possible from our employees. The most promising candidates are chosen from the list of applicants, interviewed by a responsible (usually team leaders) and followed by periodic assessments. They work with our experts in various project groups, having real targets and tasks to fulfill.