Life at Triodor

Socializing and communications

Life at Triodor is not just about work. We want to offer our employees different kinds of activities to ensure a friendly and warm working atmosphere. This is done with several different kinds of social activities as well as with proper communication methods.


Triodor is not a company of vertical hierarchies. We want to ensure that the flow of communications is smooth and easy within the company. Everybody should be aware of what is happening and should also have the chance to communicate at all levels. We have therefore acquired direct communication methods to enable information to pass easily to everybody.

Company Meetings

Triodor company meetings are organized yearly to have fun and to improve internal communication. The meetings are mostly organised by Senior Management, usually a member of the Board. The aim of the company meetings is to inform the employees about the financial situation, projects, potential customers, important developments, new strategies and organisational developments and changes. Sometimes the meetings are held during office hours and sometimes outside the office usually accompanied by a more informal dinner and modest festivities.


There are several socialising opportunities at Triodor outside office hours. During monthly Happy Hours we celebrate new happenings, achievements and promotions with cakes, snacks and beverages. Special trainings and/or workshops accompany these events sometimes. Occasionally, HR Department organizes outdoor social activities whereas everybody is encouraged to offer activities for themselves and other people at Triodor. We have a football team which practices every Monday evening.

Latest Activities