Triodor International received the Turkey Trade Award 2009. The award is granted once every two years to a company or person who has made a remarkable and special contribution to the trade and/or investment relationship between the Netherlands and Turkey.

The award was handed out by the Turkish Trade Minister Zafer Çaðlayan to Triodor CEO Atilla Aytekin (see photo). Other nominees were Stork and Eureko. The Turkey Trade Award is a joint initiative of the Netherlands Turkey Business Association (NETUBA) in collaboration with the ING Bank, FME-CWM and Fenedex. The award ceremony took place on the 15 th of December, in the Rotterdam Town Hall.

Triodor's CEO, Atilla Aytekin is very pleased with the award. 'Triodor is in a unique position. We have strong roots in the Netherlands, but also in Turkey. The other nominees Stork and Eureko were very strong candidates, which also contributed significantly to Dutch-Turkish trade relations. Triodor however, is the largest IT company doing business in the Netherlands and Turkey. We are mainly engaged in the exchange of knowledge and new technologies. Our drive, our passion and our motivation to fulfil a bridging function were, undoubtedly also a deciding factor in the jury's selection'.
The two other finalists were Stork and Eureko (known in the Netherlands as insurer Eureka Achmea). Both companies have invested hundreds of millions of euro`s in Turkey and have thus shown a pronounced willingness to invest in the country.