R&D Approach

Focus on innovation

One of the keywords best describing Triodor is innovation. Our approach not only aims to transform sectors digitally, but to trigger business innovation in such a way that is not very obvious to everyone at first sight.

There are a few factors that make Triodor so powerful in terms of innovation management. First key is to get to know the target sectors and their needs well. Rather than a customer-service provider logic, strategic partnerships with leading companies and technology transfer are emphasized. Thus, in-depth know-how is obtained in the relevant sectors.

Second and perhaps most importantly, it is the authentic approach that develops and transforms business models using technology. Innovative R&D projects based on cross-concepts from different fields provide the sustainability of innovation at Triodor. The feedback and best practices in the field are incorporated in every new application, getting smarter, more user-friendly and effective.

Finally, there are mechanisms of preservation and internalization of knowledge. Operational know-how is transferred within the company by trainings and staff circulation. Triodor is a R&D driven organization that re-translates its revenues into R&D activities continuously.

Our work is not just the result of innovation however, it is also used for innovation. It supports R&D activities in other companies, and so, forms an innovation chain in products and processes.

At Triodor, we do not believe in “out-of-the-box thinking”. For us, there are no boxes at all.

Official status as R&D Center

Triodor’s strong position has been certified by the governmental recognition of our R&D Center in December 2010.

R&D status makes Triodor an interesting employer for the most talented people and an interesting partner for companies, research organizations and universities. Triodor thus gains even greater access to extensive academic and business networks. We not only have more and newer knowledge at our disposal, we are also able to learn more quickly by cross-fertilization between theoretical academic knowledge and best practices from the practice of software development.

As a second consequence, this certification promotes further growth with subsidies from the Turkish government to develop and continue new, innovative projects and research. This is important, since much research does not directly lend itself to commercial exploitation, and financial backup encourages us to work on more innovative and competitive projects.

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