Academic-industrial collaboration

Since the day Triodor was founded we have believed in interdisciplinary approaches as a firm business model. This, in turn, has constituted a very successful history of national and international collaborations. Until 2010, the majority of project partnerships was with private sector, which resulted in many innovative projects and joint ventures.

Global competition and modern challenges, though, bring along growing complexities which increasingly require partnering between academia and industry. The cross-fertilisation between academic research and best industrial practices becomes more and more significant. Those kind of collaborations are also being fostered by national and international policies in the whole world.

Similarly, we involve academic visions in the process of the industrial technology in various ways such as consultancy, joint projects, campus events or on the job trainings. The official R&D status gives us even greater access to extensive academic networks.

The benefits through these relations are many-folded and bidirectional. We do not only have more and newer knowledge at our hand, we can also take advantage of the laboratory facilities when necessary. From the perspective of universities, it ensures industrial relevance in academic research. Industrial problems become subject to undergraduate and graduate theses. At these studies, students are guided by an expert at Triodor besides their supervisor at university. The students herewith can benefit on a project basis from the company’s R&D infrastructure and during their thesis, have the possibility to work on projects in our R&D Center. Industry-university partnership hence delivers both scientific output as well as novel applicable solutions.

Ways of Working Together

  • Project based activities
  • Academic consultancy
  • R&D subcontracting
  • Campus and company events, seminars
  • Academic-industrial theses
  • Internship opportunities

Collaborations in Numbers


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