Funding & Grants

Triodor is an R&D driven organization that re-translates its revenues into R&D activities continuously. And business innovation usually requires intensive research and development, which warrants a substantial upfront investment in time and capital before realization of any profit. Incentives that range from tax reliefs to project funds and grants are therefore very useful in providing R&D continuity as well as fortifying available resources. More importanly, these schemes give the opportunity to engage with other R&D intensive organizations for a broader impact in society.

We have been carrying out many R&D activities, which have been funded both nationally and internationally. There are continuously proposals in preparation, building a very enchanting curriculum of successfully completed projects.

Funding Schemes Participation

  • H2020
  • TEYDEB 1501
  • TEYDEB 1505
  • TEYDEB 1507
  • TEYDEB 1509
  • TEYDEB 1511
  • TUBITAK 2209/B
  • TUBITAK 2241-A
  • BAP-Scientific Research Projects
  • SANTEZ-Industrial Theses