Social Responsibility

Inspire, connect and share knowledge

An enterprise does not operate outside of society, but should be in the middle of it. In our vision, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and sustainability go hand in hand. It is obvious to Triodor that a company and its employees must serve the society to which they belong.

Corporate social responsibility means more to us than merely donating to a charity. With personal involvement, Triodor and its employees participate actively in community projects and social initiatives. Not just once, but based on an ongoing commitment to specific target groups and objectives.

The best known realization of this philosophy is The Dutch Dream Foundation, which came about as a direct result of the book 'Atilla's Dutch Dream' that Atilla Aytekin wrote in 2006. The book is about his life and career and a new entrepreneurship between the Turkish and Dutch cultures. We believe that cultural cross-overs lead to growth and a better society and economy, and entrepreneurship is the key to success here.

Dutch Dream Foundation

The Foundation focuses on entrepreneurs of different cultural backgrounds, the children of migrants and other 'new Dutch citizens'. Through the foundation Triodor aims to inspire and encourage young people to start a business by offering them equal opportunities, connections, guidance and active support. The message we send out is one of hope and passion, but also one of a willingness among young people to take risks and work hard to be successful. The Foundation organises seminars and presentations about starting up a business, carries out research, brings parties together and organises projects and meetings especially for young people. Besides those activities, Triodor also offers free job training, guided tours of our offices and internships.