Business Strategy

The strategic ecosystem

At Triodor, we believe in growing together and working in ecosystems. Our philosophy relies on an environment where trust, honesty and prosperous partnerships are in place.

Collaborations, which are inherent in our operational strategy, start with mutual projects, those projects turn into dedicated teams and cooperation often turns into strategic partnerships or joint ventures. Today, Triodor Holding is not only the owner of a number of subsidiaries and associated companies, it also maintains alliances with other companies and organizations.

We want companies within the ecosystem to benefit as much as possible from each other's knowledge, resources and relationships, since the strength of any community or society stems from the overall knowledge and skills of the cooperating network participants. It also forms a good breeding ground for synergy, innovation and knowledge sharing.

‘Cooperating and connecting in the right way’ is the strategic choice Triodor has made. All this within a network of trust, integrity and a sustainable business environment.