Our Culture

Key values of our culture

Triodor realises its vision and mission based on five core values that are widely shared and that together form Triodor's culture. These core values are trust, excellence, courage, responsibility and fun.


Trust in our employees, customers and partners is one of the pillars of the way in which Triodor conducts business. Trust and transparency are prerequisites for a fruitful cooperation or a lasting strategic partnership. They are therefore reflected in our professional commitment, integrity and transparent way of working. Triodor`s emphasis on trust indicates where we want to be. Close to our employees, customers and partners.


To excel in software development is not an easy goal. Triodor imposes high standards and focuses on the high-grade and sustainable qualities of our solutions, processes and methodologies to excel. This means that we work exclusively with certified staff and state-of-the-art technology. We also invest heavily in R&D and are committed to innovation and creativity. In this way, we realise a competitive edge.


Part of good business management is a healthy dose of daring. For Triodor this means looking ahead, to tomorrow, but preferably also to next week. However, good business management is not just about having a broad horizon, it also means that we do not shy away from challenges and acceptable risk-taking. Goals are reached with creative and innovative solutions. These are never straight out of the book, but are the result of a winning attitude, an inner drive and self discipline.


At Triodor we expect all employees to take on responsibility, not only for themselves, but also for the project they are working on for the customer with whom they have entered into a relationship. Triodor too, takes its responsibilities seriously. It involves respect for the individual employee and his or her needs and a commitment to diversity. These responsibilities do not end at the front door. An enterprise does not operate outside of society, but should be in the middle of it. In our vision, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and sustainability go hand in hand. It is obvious to Triodor, that a company and its employees must serve the society to which they belong.


No fun, no motivation and no motivation, no performance. It is as simple as that. Fun is certainly part of our core values. Fun at work, in dealing with colleagues and customers and in the enjoyment of life. As an employer, we try to create an optimal working environment in which this state of mind has a place.