The Benchmark system, which collects data from farms (animal information, milk production, robot statistics, etc.) at a central point, enabling experts to analyze farms and provide support for farmers on productivity, social networking features that farmers and farm management professionals over time have found commonplace has become a global system with much more For farm owners and employees, the yield and performance data of their own farms can be compared with other farms, their own country, or even all the farms in the world on their own scale. At the same time, Benchmark's social facilities are available to exchange ideas and socialize. Experts who provide consultancy to farms have the opportunity to reach such data as developed mobile application, follow-up of the farms they consult, performance evaluations, and the effects of the changes made to the system. Technical support teams serving farms have gathered farm service data to ensure that robots can be followed up and timely support and intervention.

C#, .NET Framework 4.0, SQL Server 2008, Android Platform, iOS Platform, WCF Servisleri