Smart Alarm Management


Systems that perform various tasks such as milking, feeding and cleaning in modern dairy farms are largely independent and unaware of each other. When a malfunction occurs, the farm work that lasts until the fault is corrected is hampered and the productivity drops. There are many deficiencies in the interpretation and elimination of the generated alarms. For this reason, there is a need for intelligent notification systems based on process management to support decision making and reliable sensor data.

Smart Alarm Management (SAM) is the creation of malfunction reports of systems involved in farm automation processes through intelligent decision support mechanisms from a single center, and the implementation of tasks from multiple centers in this multi-robot system. The goal is to distinguish alarms from all robots in the central system with priority-non-priority, meaningless-meaninglessness through the intelligent alarm management mechanism that the system will have and to give the notification decision with a holistic approach accordingly. Thanks to this mechanism, farmers will save time by receiving meaningful alarms instead of timely alarms they receive 24/7. With the project, intelligent reporting technology, a highly human-centered IT system is being developed for farms using industrial production and agricultural automation. Farmers, producers and service personnel are provided with information at the most appropriate time and through the most effective channels.

IIS, C#, .NET, MSSQL Server, JAVA, Objective C, Sketch 3, Photoshop, V-REP, TCP/IP, Ranorex.