Big Data

The egg sector is also important because of the use of the egg in the industry, as it has a great place in people's daily food needs. Egg sorting centers where the eggs collected from the poultry are brought to be packaged are a critical component between the sector farm and the market. The eggs that come mixed in from the farm are grouped and packed according to a wide variety of properties here via the sensors in the sorting machines; eggs under certain standards are separated into other forms (liquid egg, etc.). At present, this data is used instantaneously to classify only the eggs inside each machine. However, with the Industry 4.0 trend, a new era has begun, in which machine manufacturers have turned into information and technology companies. Now, machines are far beyond being devices that perform certain operations and store data, and become banks of information. By analyzing the data produced at the sorting center, it is possible to observe the machine efficiency and egg quality in accordance with the time, to develop decision support mechanisms and to determine the problematic situations in advance and take precautions. Especially when large data coming from different machines are evaluated together, much more comprehensive analyzes can be made. The study of the latest data communication, cloud storage and machine learning, data compression and security techniques has been investigated and applied to the cloud infrastructure of historical and current data of millions of eggs and machines in thousands of classification centers around the world, development of mobile / web based sectoral applications, as a result, it includes three rings as sector optimization and management.

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