Big Data

The EU Food Code regulation is an application that encompasses arrangements for the monitoring and control of the food chain from the manufacturer to the consumer. The Ovotrack application is an automation system that provides two-way (egg producer end user and end-user egg producer) tracking for eggs developed for egg packing centers. With this system, when there is a problem in the eggs, the origin of the risky egg and the markets that the egg reaches are determined, and the elements of the egg processing chain which causes the risk are determined and the necessary measures are taken as soon as possible. Ovotrack is the preferred software for large-scale producers (10 million or more eggs processing or packaging per week) recommended throughout the European Union. With the project, the important issue has been solved in the sector as the importance of each day has increased and it has become possible to follow the eggs needed by the egg sorting / packaging centers.

.Net Framework 3.5, C#, MSSQL 2005, Linq teknolojisinden, Data Dynamics Report