CC4L-New Generation Call Center

Call Center

Large companies have been able to focus their business on outsourcing of customer relationship management, that is, with the services they receive from call centers, and have improved their call centers from day to day. These approaches of companies have caused growth in the foreign resources sector. This growth; the industry is constantly evolving around the world, pioneering the emergence of a number of new research projects, with clear direction of change and development. The CC4L-New Generation Global Call Center System project has been developed to go through extensive changes to the call center concept and to remove the constraints and incapacities of existing systems. The project aims to develop an approach that will change the vision in the sector beyond developing a high-tech call center software. Call centers are gathered on the cloud, their productivity is different from others and their benefits can be determined, idle call center employees can be shared with other call centers, firms are invoiced with pay as much as they desire, complex relationship between the company and call center is reduced, a system is developed that covers the main themes such as easy learning and sustainability of the application.

.NET Framework 4.5, Lync 2013 SDK, UCMA 4.0, Rabbit MQ, EasyMQ Library, PDF Library for C#, Excel Library for C#, Bacbone.js library, Typescript, MongoDB, Linqi Entity Framework 4.0, ASP.NET MVC 4.0, Twitter Bootstrap, Expression Evaluator, UCMA 5.0