Farmstore speeds up the development process by communicating more closely with similar targets and facilitating follow-up of sectoral movements. Farmstore is a Web-based platform whose primary target is selected and whose main target mass is agricultural producers. Farmstore offers an environment equipped with applications, information, user groups, and news that can be used by the agricultural sector. Farmstore users can create groups and exchange ideas (private and public sharing environments to increase user interaction), learn about the innovations in the world, read and review them (RSS and newsfeed customizable to the user's language, country and categories) they promise a sharing and social media environment where they can reach the applications to be written from a central point and trace generated reports and KPIs from one place.

C#, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET MVC, SOAP, WCF, WIF, Entity Framework 4,SQL Server 2012, JQuery