The game player, whose majority is made up of everyday games and reaches a large number of people, is developing rapidly and has a homogeneous structure. The only thing that the game developer thinks in this prized market is that what the players think of is SMT, a game that can measure whether game mechanics are transferred to players as designed by the game designer design is essential. The game developer strives to create the best play cycle and aims to make money in the direction that the players are interested in. By analyzing player behavior and offering a healthy analysis environment to the developer, SMT stands out because the player tries to guess what he thinks beyond what he thinks. The ultimate focus is to ensure that the player has reached the maximum level of loyalty in the games played on the mobile / web environment, and that they remain open for longer periods of the proposed monetization cycle. The SMT user is collecting the data to understand the motivation of the player and to increase his interest in the game playing process in that direction. SMT is one step ahead of its peers in the world, making this data gathered throughout the development and operation process meaningful.

C#, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Guidance Package, Entity Framework 4.3, SQL Server 2008, Extjs (UI Framework)