Adequate, balanced and quality feeding in livestock enterprises is extremely important in terms of animal health as well as positively in terms of low stress and hence high yields. Many businesses use hand tools, tractors, and various feed repellants to push food on feed routes at regular intervals. Juno Next is a smart, energy efficient, compact robot that performs robust human feed on the farm. Designed and developed entirely by Triodor R & D engineers, the robot is superior in terms of design and functioning from its counterparts in the market; 24/7 working assistant, with a range of senses to assist in tracking down, obstructing, navigating, approaching and setting the most appropriate positions; a bi-directional bait, a 15% steeply sloping surface, and a stable crossing between robots.

Bluetooth, Linux, ARM İşlemci, C++, QT, Parallelogram, Back EMF Driver, MITCalc