The industry has been using machine-human interfaces that have resistive screens for years, working on older generation operating systems and hardware running down-level graphical components. However, end users who are adapting visual richness and speed to mobile applications in their daily lives are now finding that their existing interfaces are complex and old fashioned. The LUI project encompasses a new, reliable and user-friendly management approach that has been developed with a new generation of high-level language for agriculture-animal husbandry robots, which is one of Triodor's main areas of expertise, and the operations are expressed in animations, together with higher performance and stability than ever before. Today, with the development of visual aids, it has been ensured that the modern design features of the interface systems will be accommodated and redesigned to appeal to all the senses of the users. This new design is evident throughout the product and reduces the robot-user relationship to a clear and simple form. Innovation is also achieved by completely reversing the machine interface interaction logic.

QT Framework 5.8, QTQuick UI, C++, JSON veri iletişim formatı, Android OS, QML, Javascript, TeamCity