Feed Graber


The most important point in the milking of dairy cows is that they do not feed under the daily nutrients calculated by considering the milk yield, live weight and oil in the milk. A robot, developed as part of a user-friendly feeding system in yemmatic cow farms. The task of the system is to transport the clustered feeds in a predetermined area, in the required type and quantity, to a pre-determined unloading area and unload it there, without requiring user intervention. Thanks to the communication module, Yemmatik communicates with the machines and / or robots (and other robots, if any) that will distribute the bait to the cow. The farm workers and technicians also carry out system specific operations (calibration, maintenance, update, control, display of alarm conditions, storage and unloading areas etc.) via wireless control; The information from the robot is also processed and displayed on the screen to the user. The yemmatic project has led to animal farming in the dairy sector, which has a significant place in our society and in the world, to facilitate the farmers' work, to increase the productivity of the farm and production, to professionalize farming processes and to the international standards.

C#, Creo Parametric, MATLAB, Lazer, 3D kamera, Bluetooth, Embedded Linux, Domain Driven Design