Big Data in Dairy Farming


The Big Data in Farming project, which was developed by Triodor R & D engineers and is based on the policy of transforming and managing the sector's meaningful and useful information on the international scale and flowing from systems used in 15.000 hectare farms around the world today, aims to develop a strong and proactive approach in the dairy industry, a ecosystem that nourishes the ecosystem and aims to be the "dairy industry's Google" within the ecosystem. Within this vision, not only dairy farms; other actors integrated with dairy farms (veterinarians, dairy companies, feed companies, zootechnicians, sperm and fertilization consultants, academicians, third party devices, etc.) are also becoming nodes of an integrated information system network. In the progressive project; steps such as collecting and centralizing system data in the cloud environment, developing applications for other actors, third party integrations, application of data mining and large data techniques.

C#, .Net Framework 4.6.1, MongoDB, Azure Api Apps, Azure Webjobs, Topshelf, Quartz, Autofac, iOS, Objective-C, Swift, OpenGL-ES, SQLite, WCF, LLBLGen, SQL Server 2008