One of the most important factors in the logistics processes is to ensure that the products are healthy, safe, timely and in the required quantities. In all stages of product shipments, which are planned in line with the needs and demands in general, transfer is made through human-oriented planning models and human communication. In all these processes, shipments are planned and executed by mail or telephone. In Excel formatted files, shipments are organized through individual studies of people and one-way control. With the DispoTool project, a web-based order forecasting application developed for the purchasing department has been developed to perfect control and optimize all these applications in this Excel-based shipment planning and realization process currently in use. Users can update the data on the database in accordance with the rights granted to them, and estimates, calculations and analyzes are made on these updated data.

MsSql 2008 R2 , .NET Framework 4, Microsoft Windows 7, IIS , Asp.Net Mvc 4, Razor, AutoMapper, Dojo JS, Jquery JS library, Elmah Error Log System, GIT Version Control