Intelligent City

Flucon is a project developed on the basis of keeping and observing visitor statistics through special algorithms which are collected in a common center of information (anonymous) from WiFi and Bluetooth scanners placed in large areas such as shopping malls, stores in different cities. Visitor data from the system; allows shopping center owners to compare their business decisions according to clear statistics and alternatives. Since external factors such as weather have a big influence on the people going to indoor places, cities are recorded by air information software in some systems and the ratio between weather, promotion and the number of people is examined by stores and shopping centers. As a result, information about the lifestyles and habits of individuals is setting the stage for many useful applications. Various strategic decisions can be made by measuring the footfall. Profitability ratios can be calculated by the sales figures per visitor by combining the total sales figures in the shopping center with the number of visitors. Differences from similar ones in Turkey are that the visitor counting algorithm and follow-up can be singularized in the used country.

C#, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Guidance Package, Entity Framework 4.3, SQL Server 2008, Extjs (UI Framework)